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ec o sys tem

/ēkō sistəm/



1 The self-sustaining structural and functional interactions between living and non-living components.

2 (in general use) a complex network or interconnected system. In the ecosystem, one thrives in the best way possible when every person and every thing around it thrives as well



The PURPOSE of THE BLACK ECOSYSTEM is to be the thought leader that will change the struggling Black ecosystem by meeting basic needs of the community through its programs. A strong focus in improving mental health is at the core of all of our training.

We serve African American at-risk teens who see violence, imprisonment, drug use, and social injustice on a regular basis. Our projects are centered around empowering Black communities mentally, physically and financially. We want to see


  • Community
  • Helping
  • Achieve
  • Notable Growth & Empowerment

The goal is to bring the community together to address issues and provide solutions for the poverty, violence and family issues that are faced on a daily basis.


is to be the catalyst of positive change for struggling communities by providing solutions that will allow for a thriving ecosystem.


is to be the connector of resources to help create a better life through hands on entrepreneur training, e-commerce, self-improvement programs and internships that provide the gateway to sustainability.


THE BLACK ECOSYSTEM is dedicated to pulling together resources to create self-sustainable programs. Through our programs the participants receive lifelong support.


Rise Collection is the first e-commerce store in the Nation created to decrease poverty through Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment. Our unwavering belief is that decreasing poverty will decrease violence. This store is ran by teenagers from Chicago’s most plighted communities. They decided to unite to become Entrepreneurs instead of becoming another statistic. By purchasing their apparel designs you are helping them meet their basic needs as well as pay for their educational and life goals

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We are now accepting applications for our next 16-week cohort beginning November 5th, 2019. The selected students will assist with developing a very special perfume line called “Immortal” which pays homage to Henrietta Lacks. THE BLACK ECOSYSTEM has been given exclusive creative control over this project and we are overly excited to work with Alfred Lacks, Henrietta’s grandson. Oprah Winfrey produced and starred as Deborah Lacks, Henrietta’s daughter in the movie “THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS”.

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We have a BIG Mission and want to change the weak ecosystem that exists in our disadvantaged Chicago neighborhoods by providing a variety of ways that youth can learn and improve not only their circumstances but the community itself.

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