2. (in general use) a complex network or interconnected system. In the ecosystem, one thrives in the best way possible when every person and every thing around it thrives as well

1. The self-sustaining structural and functional interactions between living and non-living components.

BES is centered around empowering underserved communities mentally, physically, and financially through entrepreneurship training & self-improvement programs. We know that empowered people make better decisions and will be able to empower others. Each one teach one.

That’s our philosophy.

Our Mission

is to be the connector of resources and provide the

gateway to sustainability through hands on entrepreneurship training, e-commerce, self-improvement programs and internships. All of our programs will always be self-sustainable and consistent.

Our Vision

is to be the catalyst of positive change for struggling communities by providing solutions that will allow for a thriving ecosystem.

We want to see 


•  Community

•  Helping

•  Achieve

•  Notable

•  Growth &

•  Empowerment

The goal is to bring the community together to address issues and provide solutions for the poverty, violence, police brutality, and family issues that are faced on a daily basis.

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All proceeds support our programs that assist low-income communities. We are a self-sustainable organization that funds our expenses with proceeds from product sales. Your support is greatly appreciated. 


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